If you are ready to upload your files, please email us to obtain a username and password before proceeding.

The following are several ways to access our FTP site. Please choose the best option for your computer settings. It is recommended you use an FTP client software (more reliable). We use Filezilla ( freeware) or Fetch for the MAC. Programs may be downloaded here (Filezilla) or here (Fetch).

FTP Client Software (i.e. Filezilla or Fetch)
host: ftp.budgetsignssf.com
Enter username and password on prompt or when creating a new profile.

Browser (IE Explorer), PC
URL address - ftp://budgetsignssf.com or ftp://budgetclient@budgetsignssf.com
Enter username and password when prompted.

Notes: Individual computer/browser/firewall settings may affect ability to log into our FTP site via browser. We're trying to cover as many scenarios as possible since results vary but if these instructions don't help, we suggest downloading coreftp, it's a quick and painless installation and fairly intuitive to use.

Upon login/password prompt, if...
Browser displays a "root directory" with a listing of our FTP contents (files, folders), go to VIEW >> Open FTP Site in Internet Explorer Window. An internet explorer window (not a browser window) will open and reprompt you for a login and password. If it comes up blank again, RIGHT CLICK in the blank area and click on "LOGIN AS..." and retype the login and password information. You should then be able to see our FTP contents much as you would if browsing for files in your own computer. From there, you'll be able to drag/drop or copy/paste your files and/or folders into this window.

If you see our site contents and can't upload due to restrictions/limited access, check your firewall settings (they may be set too high).

If you can't access the site period and you don't get any user/password prompts, make sure you've tried both FTP addresses listed above.

Upon uploading files, please contact us to confirm job specification and to open a work order if you have not done so already. This will ensure your job gets put into production in a timely manner.

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